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The Mushroom Experience - An Analogy

It’s like a guided tour at the brink

of the abyss. The mushroom leads you to the cliff,

and points, and commands you to look. To be sure, there is a guardrail

and a concession stand, and the guide cracks lame jokes. It can be banal, even silly,

and the brochure guarantees that there is no danger of falling off the edge. But when you look into

that darkness, see the stirring of great forms within it, hear the pounding and buzzing that echoes in its depths, you

remember why you have come.

You stand there, gazing over

the edge of Life, gazing into

that night, and something

rises up before you It

breaks across the flimsy

railing, and touches

you right there, right

where you are Human.

You see all life pouring

past you over that

trembling, aching lip,

pouring back into the

mystery, receding into

truth, never slowing,

constantly renewed.

And you understand that

someday you will stand at

this ridge again. On that day,

the concession stand will have

been boarded up, the railing will be

rusted to the ground, and the brochures

will have long ago blown away. Then the

only guide will be a familiar, quiet voice which

beckons to you gently from the depths of the Mystery.

- Author Unknown


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